SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Rotary Club of Sioux City helped give back to the community Monday afternoon.

At their weekly meeting, Rotarians put together birthday bags for children in placement homes like the Crittenton Center or Boys and Girls Home. Each bag was packed with a card, cup, and goodies that kids in their situation may not get often.

Heather Hennings with Sioux City Rotary planned the progam and told KCAU 9 about why it is so important.

“We not only see the smiles on the faces of the volunteers here at Rotary who are putting these bags together, but we can imagine the smiles at the shelters from the kids that are going to get these birthday bags on their birthday,” said Hennings.

The service project is a bit of a pilot program and if it goes well, they may expand it.