Comedian Roseanne Barr has done a lot of memorable things throughout her life, but one that’s been forgotten by many is the mansion she started to build in rural Iowa. 

Barr and then-husband Tom Arnold started what would have been the largest single-family home in Iowa, but never finished construction. 

Darrell Limkeman, the manager of the property, said, “This was going to be the largest single family home in the state of Iowa… and it was going to be something spectacular.”

But when Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold broke up back in 1995 construction came to a halt. 

“This property was going to be kind of self-contained utopia for them,” Limkeman said.

The over 1,300 acres of southern Iowa farmland were given by Arnold to Indian Hills Community College.

It was then sold to a private owner for around $3 million.

If you dare to dip under the branches, you’ll see what happens in twenty years without a tending hand.

“There’s enough liability to keep us all busy here for a lifetime,” said Limkeman.

And up above as well. Best laid plans lost to time.

“Now we can see the pond that Roseanne was going to use as her swimming pool,” Limkeman said. 

She was going to have it heated year round.

“And to put it back to its original glory… We don’t just have enough funds for 28,000 square feet.”

And its too expensive to tear down, so it will sit, untouched.

“But you can see what nature does it takes back over and that’s what’s happened here,” Limkeman said.

Now the land is used to farm soybeans and hay. What was once an indoor basketball court is now a place to hold machinery.