Editor’s note: A previous version of this story incorrectly reported the amount of the property tax increase. It would be $4.05 per $1,000. We regret the error.

ROCK VALLEY, Iowa (KCAU) — Rock Valley residents will vote on a school bond measure on Tuesday.

The $21 million bond will include a two-story addition to the west side of the high school.

Scott Kooima has two grandkids enrolled in the school district. Nearly 900 students attended the high school last year, and Kooima said the school needs more space for students.

“We have kids that are pretty packed in the high school,” Kooima said. “We need more practice area and obviously academics are what you want to come first and rooms are what we need.”  

The new addition would include a gym as well as 24 classrooms. Todd Vander Velde is an Industrial Technology teacher at Rock Valley High School. He said the limited space at the school impacts teachers as well as students.

“Our class sizes have grown and we would like to hire some new teachers, but that would probably do us no good because we would have no place to put them,” Vander Velde said. “With the classrooms that we have, we’re all filled every period.”

The bond measure would raise property taxes by $4.05 on every $1,000 of taxable property value. Robin Spears is the superintendent of Rock Valley School District. He said he hopes more community members make their voices heard on this bond vote.

“Last spring, there was about 28% of registered voters that voted on the bond issue,” said Spears. “It would be nice to know what the true feelings of the community are. So, if we could have 70%, 80%, 90% of the people vote, that would give us an idea of where they would like us to go as a district.”

The bond measure needs approval from at least 60% of voters when the polls open Tuesday.