Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand spent time in Sioux City Monday as part of his 99-county tour.

Sand spoke to the Rotary Club at the Mid-American Energy building and took questions on the auditor’s work and the condition of the state’s finances and governance.

One discussion topic brought up during the hour-long meeting was legislation that Sand said allows state agencies to hide documents from the auditor, Sand said it will affect all Iowans.

“Corruption and waste at the government level is your tax dollars. This is our government. The idea that people in trust and power in those positions would use that power to reduce oversight of themselves and make it so they could sweep things under the rug is I think an affront to our constitution the idea of self-governance but also to your pocketbook,” Sand said.

He explained to the attendees why that legislation is problematic for Iowa.

“Bottom line is everyone understands that if you have a three-person panel where two work for the governor and one is in our office that the odds are that you’re going to have a two-to-one decision on a pretty regular basis there and I go back to this, why would we give the executive branch that power?” Sand said.

Before making the stop in Sioux City, Sand spent the morning at the Monona County town hall in Onawa.