Rising gas costs impact Siouxland businesses, here’s how

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Gas prices in Iowa are over $3 per gallon and these rising costs have forced local organizations to make some difficult decisions.

The Foodbank of Siouxland distributes products daily, and rising gas prices are taking a toll. Executive Director Jake Wandersheid said the foodbank raised its transportation budget this year to offset costs.

“It’s about a percent increase,” Wandersheid said. “Last year, it was about four per cent of our budget. This year, it’s five, so that doesn’t seem that big, but it’s in the thousands of dollars difference.”

If prices keep going up, Wandersheid said the Foodbank will have to cut costs to a critical part of the budget.

“The longterm effects for us is then it will just be more money spent on transportation costs, freight costs to us, and we’ll be able to spend less money on food for our program,” Wandersheid said.

Nick Swanson is the owner of Dave’s Towing. He said his three trucks can use a combined 60 gallons of gas each day, and he wishes he could spend that money elsewhere within his business.

“I would love to pay my guys even more, give them a bonus at the end of the year,” Swanson said. “I remember when I was low on the totem pole, it was really nice when you had nice equipment.”

Swanson said his company has saved money by reducing travel but he doesn’t expect gas costs to go down any time soon.

“Hopefully in a year or so, everything will get down to normal but for now, that’s just kind of where we stand,” Swanson said. “We just have to kind of buckle down and make sure we can save a penny when we can and make sure it goes as far as possible.”

Swanson said his company will use even more gas during the coming winter months and just hopes the prices don’t get any higher.

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