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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Siouxland Christian School offers preschool services for kids ages two to five-years-old, and the Preschool Administrator said their classroom sizes have doubled since February.

Emily Renken is a parent with kids attending Siouxland Christian Preschool. She says the pandemic made it hard to find a childcare service.

“It was really difficult to find a center that had any openings during the pandemic mostly because some of them are running at half staff or half capacity for safety measures,” said Emily Renken.

Siouxland Christian Preschool Administrator Katie Trimble says the rise in childcare demands correlates to parents getting back to work.

“We’ve seen a lot of parents who are going back into the medical field or going back to teaching and they need a place for their child to go during the day. And so we’ve seen an increase from 30 students to now 66 in our facility alone,” said Katie Trimble.

And, this increase in students led to the school’s expansion.

“So we moved across the street and now we have seven classrooms. We have two 2-year-old’s, two 3-year old’s and three 4-year-old classrooms. We started the construction project right when summer started and it was a 90 day build, and we were able to get it all done,” Trimble said.

For Renken, the expansion of Siouxland Christian Preschool took a lot of weight off her family’s shoulders.

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“My husband was never able to stop working, he was always in the field. I was only at home very briefly, so it’s really great to know that we can get back to work. Research shows that earlier we get our kids, you know, reading or being read to or learning or interacting with their peers, the better off they are,” Renken said.

Trimble said their new preschool building will have enough space for 112 students to attend.

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