SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Today’s report from the Iowa Department of Public Health revealed more than 34,000 positive COVID-19 tests in the state.

With the rise in cases over the past week, the demand for COVID tests in Siouxland continues to be high as well.

Siouxland District Deputy Director Tyler Brock said there currently is not a shortage in testing, but that might not be the case in the future.

“When you have this kind of demand, you do run the risk of going short and in this particular time period in this response, when we’re so focused on preventing serious infections and making sure that the people who need those tests the most, you know our high-risk folks, our older folks, they’re a little bit more high risk for having severe infections. We really want to make sure the medical facilities and things like that are available for those people,” said Brock.

In a statement released by UnityPoint Health St. Lukes quote “UnityPoint Health emergency department and urgent care locations are seeing a marked increase in the number of asymptomatic patients seeking COVID-19 tests on a walk-in basis. People without symptoms or those with mild upper respiratory symptoms should obtain an at-home COVID-19 test through state testing, their county public health department, or through a local pharmacy or retailer.”

Brock said there are multiple locations where those without symptoms can pick-u free at-home test kits. A list of locations can be found here.