Republicans come to the defense of Sen. Chuck Grassley concerning Supreme Court delays

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Iowa republicans are coming to the defense of U-S Senator Chuck Grassley.  The Iowa Senator who serves as chair of the senate judiciary committee is under attack for not pushing the Senate to consider a U-S Supreme Court nominee, should President Obama make a nomination.

Iowa Congressman Steve King agrees with Grassley.  He says waiting until after Americans elect a new president is the right thing to do.

“Senator Grassley is right. He chairs the judiciary committee, of course. He will control the pace of this and if we are to allow President Obama’s appointment to be seated on the Supreme Court at the end of his term, then for the next 30 or 40 years, perhaps, the voice of Barack Obama would be judging on the constitution.”

King joins Iowa’s other republican congressional members, Senator Joni Ernst and Congressman David Young in publicly supporting Grassley on postponing the hearing.  Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack has previously said the Senate should move ahead with the nomination process.

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