SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Iowa 4th District Representative Steve King is holding firm to his claim that he will be reinstated to his Congressional committees despite a Republican leader saying just the opposite.

Earlier in May during a campaign forum, Rep. King said he and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had reached an agreement and that he would advocate to the Republican Steering Committee to reinstate King’s committee assignments.

On Friday, McCarthy said that’s not so, instead saying that if King wins reelection, “he has the right to go to the Steering committee and the Steering committee would take up the committee assignments just like every Congress, just like every single member.” Rep. King said that what McCarthy said is being taken out of context.

“But Kevin McCarthy didn’t say that he wouldn’t go to the steering committee and advocate for me. If he wanted to clarify or if he wanted to rebut me, he would have had to say that but he didn’t clarify that either,” King said.

King has not had any committee assignments since last january following comments that were deemed racist by fellow lawmakers. King still defends those comments, saying the New York Times took his words out of context.