HULL, Iowa (KCAU) — Iowa’s 4th District Representative made a visit to Siouxland Wednesday, specifically to meet with farmers.

Representative Randy Feenstra held a town hall meeting outside of Sanborn Wednesday morning to hear from farmers in the 4th District. The congressman hoped to get a feel for what issues they want included in the farm bill coming up later in the year.

Some of the topics Siouxlanders expressed concern about include foreign interest in land, biofuels and the expiring of some Trump-era inheritance taxes to pass on family farms.

“So myself, also sitting on Ways and Means, will being fighting to make sure we extend Like Kind Exchange, extend Stepped Up in Basis so farmers can make sure that they can give that land to their child, to the next generation,” said Rep. Feenstra.

Following the town hall, Rep. Feenstra announced the creation of the Agriculture Advisory Board. It is made up of 60 people from all 39 counties in Iowa’s 4th District including farmer and Woodbury County Supervisor Mark Nelson and Siouxland Chamber of Commerce member Barbara Sloniker. Iowa’s Ag Secretary, Mike Naig, is the Honorary Chair.

Rep. Feenstra said the board will help the 4th District’s interests be heard in Washington, even beyond the Farm Bill.

“We want to make sure that western Iowa, the 4th District is taken care of in that Farm Bill, from corn to soybeans, to cattle to hogs, to eggs to dairy, to poultry, to research,” said Rep. Feenstra.

The Farm Bill is set to expire in September and pertains to things like nutrional programs, farmer subsidies, and more.