Rental board, residents left with few options after Scenic Park Apartment found ‘unfit’

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SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) – Residents of South Sioux City’s Scenic Park Apartments have less than 30 days to leave their homes.

The notice came Tuesday after the building’s owner failed to meet standards after years of fail inspection and hundreds of code violations.

The Scenic Park Apartments have been declared unsafe and unfit for human occupancy, according to the South Sioux City Rental Inspection Board. The two-building, 36 unit apartment complex has violated close to 280 city codes with in the last year.

The property owner was notified Tuesday that everyone living in those apartments will need to vacate within thirty days.

The city along with the Rental Inspection Board gave tenents a list of resources they can use to help with the transition, but some say it’s just not enough.

“If you call every number on there, it’s just ‘we don’t have any funding’ or ‘or we don’t help with that’ and ‘if you can get ahold of this person, you could probably get into this shelter.’ Like no, I have three kids, I’m not going into some shelter cause of a scumlord,” resident Joshua Vitollo said.

Randy Meyer, the chair of the Rental Inspection Board said after years of violations, and empty promises to fix the problems from the property owner, it left the board little choice.

“The board has been very patient. Promises made…. things not coming through… And it wasn’t something that was taken lightly by any stretch of the imagination,” he said.

Meyer went on to say the landlord can only re-open the apartment complex if all the violations get fixed, and it passes inspection. Until then tenents are urged to read the Nebraska Landlord Tenant Act to learn more about their rights in a situation like this. A link to the law and other city resources can be found by clicking here.

The city also provided a list of resources and shelter that may offer housing help.

  • American Red Cross – 712.252.4081
  • Center for Siouxland – 712.252.1861
  • Department of Health and Human Service – 1.800.333.5666 or 402.241.0032
  • Nebraska Legal Aide Information – 402.348.1069 or 402.644.7461
  • Salvation Army – 712.255.8836
  • South Sioux City Housing Authority – 402.494.7514
  • Contact your local Churches.
  • Local hotels may offer weekly or monthly stay rates.
  • There are also several apartment buildings in South Sioux City, please contact housing authority


  • Shesler Hall
    1308 Nebraska Street, Sioux City, IA
    Phone Number: 712.258.8059
  • The Crittenton Center
    814 Pierce Street, Sioux City, IA
    Phone Number: 712.255.4321
  • The Gospel Mission
    500 Bluff Street, Sioux City, IA
    Phone Number: 712.255.1769
  • The Warming Shelter
    916 Nebraska Street, Sioux City IA
    Phone Number: 712.255.0084

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