SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Taxes, car registration, insurance. As the new year settles in, it’s time for those annual, mundane tasks, and pet licenses are no exception.

Sioux City pet licenses expire on the last day of the year they are issued, and every year, owners must renew their licenses due to local laws.

Pet licenses can be found in City Hall, Animal Adoption and Rescue, and participating veterinarian offices. In order to obtain a license, the pet must be vaccinated against rabies.

How much is this going to cost a pet owner? Sometimes, owning pets can ring up a pretty penny. Prices for the licenses are listed below.

  • Neutered/Spade Cats and Dogs: $15 per animal
  • Intact Cats and Dogs: $30 per cat, $50 per dog

How long does a pet owner have to get a license? There are deadlines attached to this process. See below.

  • After March 1: $15 penalty added to cost
  • After April 1: $20 penalty added to cost
  • After May 1: $25 penalty added to cost

For people who already had a pet license the year prior, renewal notices will be sent through the mail during the second week of January.

If this article didn’t answer some of your questions, feel free to contact the city by calling 712-224-7387 or visit their website.