WAYNE, Neb. (KCAU) – ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ is one of the many sayings Hilda Pearson lives by, and her life is always on the go.

“I’ve been to all states with exception of four…I had traveled the US with our business and then of course I traveled abroad,” Hilda Pearson said.

Pearson has held a laundry list of titles throughout her life, including a traveling private chef. It was during this time when Hilda came to a dramatic realization.

“As I traveled, you see I was a private chef at one time. And I realized that people need to know how to cook quickly, efficiently, and on a budget kind of. And so I ended up creating 9 minute meals,” Pearson said.

Hilda’s cooking series would pick up steam, and her love for cooking originates from her childhood.

“My mom was just a good cook, so we always had balanced meals and of course she cooked from scratch and I just did that all the time,” Pearson said.

And one of the many ways Hilda gives back to the Wayne community is through cooking. She makes and delivers homemade breakfast burritos and rolls every week.

“I started this probably two to three years after I had got here, so I got here in 2004,” Pearson said.

Every Monday and Thursday morning, Hilda makes multiple stops at businesses around Wayne.

“I just interact. I go in and say hello. I’m Hilda, I have burritos. I bake rolls. Are you interested? And usually they are. And if not I say thank you, do you want to in the future, have me stop? Just get permission, and I’ve never been turned down,” Pearson explained.

“It’s really nice to have someone that’s willing to come in and make food distributed at the various plants she visits. Like I said, It’s a lot better than getting something out of the machine for sometimes twice the price and half the quality. So it definitely helps start the mornings,” Said Joe Bart, a Welder in Wayne.

Whether Hilda is writing easy and affordable recipes or volunteering at the food bank, she always finds a way to express love through food.

“I grew up with parents who were very giving. I grew up with some sayings, one was you can’t change yesterday, get on with today tomorrow. My mother always said, if you have a dime a day, you haven’t given enough away.”

What’s next for Hilda? She’s partnering with a Northeast Nebraska media company to create online cooking tutorials.