A two-year-old is recovering from severe burns after falling into A pile of sand-covered ashes. Linzee Wimer suffered third-degree burns after someone improperly extinguished a campfire.
Wimer’s hand and knee were left horribly burned by hot embers from a pile of ashes. The little girl tripped and fell in, while leaving a fishing spot along the Cedar River.

Wimer’s mother Jessica Seitz said the pile looked cold.

“It looked like it had been out for a couple days. Especially with the sand kicked over it. There wasn’t any smoke or anything,” Seitz said.

Wimer was taken to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital where she received skin grafts to cover the burns.
Wimer barely seems to notice the casts on her arm and leg. Doctors tell the family the grafts will likely come off in about a week and have six months of physical therapy.
It’s frustrating for Seitz. She says all of this could have been prevented if that fire was put out the right way, using water.
“I’m really hoping that with everybody seeing Linzee’s injuries. That it helps with people remembering to put their fires out,” Seitz said.