SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — 2020 has caused many new trends, one of which is Americans deciding to purchase a firearm for the first time, leaving firearm retailers with empty shelves since the pandemic began.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation nearly 5 million Americans purchased a firearm for the very first time in 2020.

“Getting guns, getting optics, getting ammo is tough right now,” said Tim Grover, with Rev Tech.

The pandemic forced many firearm manufacturers to shut down production, causing shortages around the U.S.

“Ammunition on the consumer side, if you go into any of the retail stores, shelves are empty, especially in handgun and rifle ammunition,” said Chris Groves, of the Sioux City Police Department.

This bump in the road is something Sioux City Police are prepared for.

“We’ve learned our lessons in the past, so we try to plan out at least a year in advance, so we’ll buy our ammo not necessary for the immediate need, but we will try to plan that out for twelve months,” said Groves.

When it comes to firearm orders being placed this year, it’s going to be a waiting game to receive those products.

“It may be just a little bit longer to fulfill that order, but it’s not going to really greatly impact us going forward,” said Groves.

“They’re saying Remington is going to kick their factor back up and going here in February and if that happens it will ease that but even now, we are seeing ammo start to trickle back not so much for us but the big box stores get it then it will it will trickle down to the little guys,” said Grover.

Some experts are predicting the market may recover by the summer of 2021, but until then, the Sioux City Police Department and Rev Tech Firearms said it’s going to be business as usual.

“On the training, I’m not anticipating a change in how we operate, I’m not anticipating making it shorter because I’m short on ammunition because we’re fine,” said Groves.

“We do have ammo and we have ammo for our range members but we’ve had to limit it and instead of selling it to the public we sell it to people who belong as range members out here and hopefully things calm down and those restore themselves in the next few months,” said Grover.

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