Siouxlanders question if rapid COVID-19 tests are accurate

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — One issue people are facing right now is whether or not to use rapid testing, leaving Siouxlanders to question if the test is accurate enough.

“You know, I’m kind of mixed on it honestly. My neighbor got it and his came back positive and I guess it was right, but you know I’ve heard some mixed reviews on it so it too so I guess I’m not totally sure. Personally, I would want to get the rapid one if I could and also the one that takes a while so I could get more information,” Karl Pauling said.

Muhammad Sagid said he doesn’t find the test to be very accurate, after showing no antibodies two months after testing positive for the Coronavirus.

“I mean, it seems like it was false positive. I mean, it’s a good idea to get a quick test, but i mean it’s not going to necessarily be 100% right. We cannot rely on the rapid test for COVID-19,” said Sagid.

Health professionals say the accuracy of any test depends on the quality of the sample.

“I do feel as long as you’re getting a good sample, you’re getting an accurate result,” said Mark Schuetze, a lab supervisor at UnityPoint Health St. Luke’s.

Schuetze adds one issue with at-home testing; the person who’s taking test might not administer it properly.

“The hardest part about at home testing is to make sure that you get a really good sample, it’s really hard to stick that swab up as far as it really needs to go. It’s hard to inflict that on yourself,” said Schuetze.

Schuetze said if you test positive for the rapid test (PCR) and negative for the antibody test, you should take another rapid test to be sure.

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