RAGBRAI readies for “weird” events in Fairfield

Local News


Day 5 of the 2019 Registers Great Bike Ride Across Iowa has something special in store for the thousands of riders that will end up in Fairfield.

Thursday offers a 65-mile trek from Centerville to Fairfield where organizers have adopted the slogan “Geared for Weird”. It’s a steampunk-inspired theme that many residents and business owners are preparing for.

“I think the theme this year with steampunk is going to be something really unusual for people. And from what I understand, riders are very excited about that. Hopefully, they’re coming with some costumes and things. And of course, you’ve probably heard that a person that I didn’t even know existed, but the steampunk pope will be visiting Fairfield so we are just ready for anything,” said Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy

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