SERGEANT BLUFF, Iowa (KCAU) — Less than six months from now 25,000 riders will make their way through Sergeant Bluff.

Local organizers said while a lot of work still needs to be done, this is a great opportunity for the city.

City officials are finalizing committees to help organize and coordinate RAGBRAI’s kick-off in Sergeant Bluff.

Local businesses are preparing for the event, which draws thousands of visitors.

“I already have it marked off on my calendar. I am ready to have just a really, really, busy, fun, exhausting, just lots of memories going that weekend,” said the owner of Hawks Coffee Shop, Cyndi Nelson.

The RAGBRAI kick-off will happen right behind her coffee shop.

“So we’ll probably be taking things out there and setting up but we’ll also be double stocked here so people can come in and stop,” said Nelson.

Jennifer Rassel, owner of Little Red Embroidery in Sergeant Bluff, said this event will be a great opportunity for the city to get more exposure.

“It’s really exciting just because we are sometimes, I think, in Sioux City’s shadow as far as not everyone knows that we’re here, so it’s a super good thing for the town,” said Rassel.

Sergeant Bluff Mayor Jon Winkel said while RAGBRAI starts in Sergeant Bluff, other parts of Siouxland will benefit too.

“I think most of the cities in the Siouxland area believe that if one city does something good, it’s good for the whole area and I certainly believe that,” said Winkel.