SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – If you have an older AC unit, it might use a Freon called R22. That Freon is no longer being made in, or imported to the US, and that could be a problem down the road.

“Over ten years ago, the EPA identified R22 as having undesirable characteristics for global warming potential, and so, bad for the environment,” said Steve Kistner, the General Manager of Kalin’s Indoor Comfort. He also said the R22 refrigerant contributes to global warming.

“When we first bought the home, our air conditioner was from the 70s, so it had the old style Freon in it, and we updated our unit six or seven years ago and so it uses the new refrigerant that doesn’t harm the environment, so we’re trying to be efficient and save the earth,” said Maureen Guthrie, a Siouxland home owner.

The price of R22 Freon is between $90 to $150 per pound. The average home unit takes 7-8 lbs.

“The price of R22 has, you know, really grown significantly, and so its more expensive to put in. If somebody has a major leak, it’s not repairable, they’re really at the point of it’s time to upgrade their system,” said Kistner.

Making sure your AC unit is running well can help you avoid problems with the summer Siouxland heat.

“Our highest priority are those for health and safety and so, you know individuals who may have COPD, you know difficulty breathing,” said Kistner.

“It’s so important to maintain it so that you have it running when you need it, like days like today when it’s 90 some degrees and high humidity,” said Guthrie.