ARNOLDS PARK, Iowa (KCAU) — Queen II in Arnolds Park will be lifted to perform maintenance and repairs before the start of summer.  

According to a release from Arnolds Park, low water levels last season caused the Queen II to sustain some damage to the hull during the summer.  

The release specified that the damage was minor and there are plans to take Queen II out of the water on May 4 to conduct repairs.  

“We have hired a company called ‘Center Lift’ out of Louisiana to lift her out of the water,” said Charley Whittenburg, Arnolds Park Amusement Park Board Chairman, “They will utilize an airbag type of system to gently life the boat, which allows enough space for a maintenance crew to get in and repair the necessary areas.” 

The release indicated that Louisiana company will have safety barricades set up around the area during the repairs.  

“We plan to conduct this maintenance over a 24-hour period at the Gavens Point boat ramp on West Lake Okoboji in Smiths Bay,” said Whittenburg, “I’m sure there will be an audience, since she is the crown jewel of the Lakes, and we wanted to be sure we communicated with everyone well ahead of this event happening.” 

The release stated that the Queen II will be operational for the start of the 2022 summer season, and tickets for season passes for the Queen II are available at the Arnolds Park website.