JEFFERSON, S.D. (KCAU) — The fall season is also pumpkin season and a new Siouxland pumpkin patch is enjoying a fruitful start.

Adele’s Cat Pumpkin Patch in Jefferson is still dealing with drought in Siouxland. However, meteorologists say that rainfall came at good times, boding well for the thousands of pumpkins.

Adele’s patch also faced the first freeze of the season in recent days as temperatures dipped below 40 degrees, but nighttime freezes weren’t a bad thing for the pumpkins.

“Well the leaves have froze, a little bit already starting to dry up which makes it easier to see the pumpkins. And it didn’t freeze hard enough to do anything with the pumpkins,” Co-Owner Erin Hammit said.

Aside from the thousands of pumpkins, this patch offers a tractor tire playground, a train, and an assortment of farm animals for guests to enjoy.