Public Wi-Fi can put your private information at risk

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – With many traveling this summer and staying at hotels, free Wi-Fi access is usually a top priority of many travelers. However, those free public networks can bring some hidden dangers.

“Check out like Instagram and stuff and Youtube and like normal teenage stuff,” said Kyron Fielder.

Kyron and Tavion visited Sioux City on Thursday, just one stop on their cross country road trip with their family this summer.

“I do log on to public Wi-Fi. I usually get on Instagram and SnapChat,” said Tavion Fielder.

The family usually searches for free Wi-Fi access while staying at hotels and eating out, but that free service could put them at risk.

“It’s basically trading you, your information for their free Wi-Fi service, cause they have to pay for those and it costs so their trading you that,” said Beth Trejo, CEO Chatterkick.

Your searches, your likes, your page visits, it’s all being tracked by internet providers when you use free Wi-Fi.

“Don’t search anything that you don’t want people to know and be very protective of any site that isn’t secure and really use common sense,” said Trejo.

Trejo recommends turning off your Wi-Fi when you log in to your email, bank account or work websites. In order to help keep your information private.

” If you really care about it and you’re trying to protect your information it’s probably worth learning, educating yourself what that means and what kinda data you’re going to be exchanging,” said Trejo.

It’s-a lesson these teens are already learning on their summer travels.

“My parents will tell me to be careful about where your logging onto with your information and be mindful of where you’re connecting to,” Kyron Fielder

“They ask me to read the terms and conditions a little bit like just to a quick scam to see what boxes I’m checking if I’m downloading viruses or something like that,” Tavion Fielder.

Trejo also recommends using secure websites, making sure they begin with ‘https’ to help prevent your information from being compromised.

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