Protest in Sioux City turns violent, 14 arrested

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CORRECTION: There was an error in the number of people that were arrested early Monday morning from a protest in downtown Sioux City. A name appeared twice on the list of people that were arrested but it has now been corrected.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A protest held in Sioux City over the death of George Floyd at the knee of a now-former Minneapolis police officer turned violent leading to several arrests, police said.

The Sioux City Police Department (SCPD) said around 5 p.m. on Sunday a few protesters convened in front of the police station downtown.

During the evening, the size of the crowd grew and it was estimated that up to 400 people were outside of the station at one point, police said.

The protest continued past midnight and a handful of people tried to instigate more violent demonstrations, authorities said. Several times, other members of the protest worked to keep things peaceful.

A press release from the SCPD says officers worked throughout the evening to deescalate any conflict by removing themselves from areas the protesters were at.

Police said after midnight, members of the crowd became more aggressive and attempted to provoke officers. When their attempts failed to get a reaction, people began throwing rocks and other objects at officers and patrol cars.

Rocks were also thrown at the police station causing damage to a window.

Due to the fact that the crowd was becoming more violent, it was deemed an unlawful assembly and ordered to disperse at around 3 a.m. Several people refused that order and officers moved in to disperse them.

During their attempts to disperse the crowd, rocks were thrown at and hit several officers. Officers then used O.C. powder and spray to continue dispersing the violent crowd.

The following people were arrested.

  • Dieo D. Okamba-Onolenga, 19, Sioux City, 2nd Degree Criminal Mischief and Simple Assault
  • Mauke R. Butler, 28, Sioux City, Failure to Disperse
  • Zaire Dean, 22, Sioux City, Unlawful Assembly
  • Nolan J. Warchorn, 22, Sioux City, Unlawful Assembly
  • Alvreez L. James, 23, Sioux City, Assault on a Peace Officer, Eluding a Peace Officer, Fail to Disperse
  • Colin t. Kochevar, 25, Sioux City, Unlawful Assembly
  • Joseph R. Smith, 38, Lawton, Unlawful Assembly
  • Hayley M. Gibson, 22, Sioux City, Unlawful Assembly
  • Keegan A. Kinzie, 20, Sioux City, Assault on a Peace Officer, Fail to Obey a Peace
    Officer, Failure to Disperse, Interference with Official Acts, Possession of a Control Substance
  • Aaliah R. Cruz, 18, Sioux City, Unlawful Assembly
  • Jada R. Swanson, 19, Sioux City, Unlawful Assembly
  • Siera Johnson, 19, Sioux City, Unlawful Assembly

Two juveniles were also arrested for failing to obey officers’ orders to disperse.

Five officers received minor injuries when they were struck with rocks and assaulted by protesters
during arrests. Numerous patrol cars were also damaged by the violent crowd.

The Sioux City Police Department supports the public’s 1st Amendment right to assembly and to protest peacefully and have demonstrated our support of people exercising this right.

We are saddened that last night’s demonstration that started peacefully degraded to violence. We are thankful no one involved tonight was seriously injured.

We will continue working with community groups to strengthen our relationships with members of the community and provide fair and equitable law enforcement services.

Statement from the Sioux City Police Department

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