SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — On Friday, a small protest was held in downtown Sioux City.

People gathered outside the federal court building. Around 40 people stood outside holding signs showing their displeasure against the Ethiopian government.

The protestors called for Eritrean troops to withdraw from Tigray, the northern region of Ethiopia.

One protestor said he hopes today’s demonstration will get the United States involved and help stop the genocide happening in Ethiopia.

“We’re hoping if they could talk to our senators from the government, Ethiopia and the United States are like allies. They pretty much work with the Ethiopia government. So, that’s what we hope now, we’re hoping they might stop it,” said Teklit Atsbha, a protestor.

Protestors said they haven’t been able to reach out to their families for about two months because their phone has been blocked off from Tigray.

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