Protecting your child from burns when near fireworks

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – With the Fourth of July right around the corner, a lot of people will be setting off fireworks this week. For parents, keeping the holiday safe is important during the celebrations.

Some of the top-selling fireworks for kids are poppers, sparklers, and parachutes, but keeping a close eye on your children while handling fireworks can help them stay safe and burn free.

“I like it when they shoot colors into the sky, ” said Kayden Wright, daughter of Susan Wright

Susan is only buying sparklers for her kids this year.

“Raising the kids with everything whether it’s the Fourth of July, whether it’s finishing, whether you’re bicycling its all about safety all the time 24 hours a day,” said Susan Wright.

Wright says her children, like a lot of kids, are curious about fire and firework. That’s why she’s careful to make sure they’re as safe and they can be.

“Sparklers, sparkler safety everyone gets one sparkler at a time they go to one side of the yard, and the next one waits for theirs and they go to the other side of the yard,” said Susan Wright.

“They make sizzle when you light them up and they go,” said Riley.

“Younger children should be supervised by parents, when they get out there alone they tend to do riskier things with fireworks,” said MercyOne Emergency Doctor Jeremy Vandezand.

Firework vendor Bellino recommends wooden sparklers, rather than metal sparklers, for children. She says they’re a safer option for young children.

“There are times when sparkers fall on your hands, they get a little burn and they say, ‘okay this is what happens.’ So we have to be more safe,” said Susan Wright.

“When they’re done you put them in a bucket full of water and you put them in and they go fizz,” said daughter Kayden Wright.

If your child does receive a small burn or blister, Doctor Vandezande recommends putting ice on the area along with antibiotic ointment once the burn cools down. For anything more serious, he said to see a doctor immediately.

“It’s fun but it can be very tragic to so we want to be safe and everybody enjoy it so we can be back for the next Fourth of July,” said Susan Wright.

Fireworks vendor at Bellino said it’s also important to make sure that fireworks stay pointed away from people. She recommends using bricks or concrete blocks to help stabilize the firework so that it shoots straight up and is not able to tip over.

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