City Council considers expanding job eligibility area

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)– After unanimously approving the first reading of that ordinance last week, city council members tonight voted to delay the second reading.

 The move comes after feedback from community and business members.

That proposed increase would affect residential, commercial, and industrial rate-payers with increases as high as 30 percent. Council members say the rate hike is needed to help pay for a $580 million dollar upgrade at the city’s wastewater treatment plant. but since the first reading of that ordinance was approved both business owners and concerned citizens have come forward.

“We wanna sit down at the table with the industries and we’re saying could we maybe spread this out a little bit more, so it’s not all heavy fees upfront and spread it out over a longer period of time. and so we’re gonna be looking at that and we’re gonna be working with the industries,” said Moore

Moore says the 2nd reading could come up again at next week’s meeting. Meanwhile, people living as far as 50 miles away from Sioux City could soon be eligible to apply for city job openings including EMT. 

Sioux city council members are considering expanding the mileage requirements from the current 10 miles limit.

“So we’re trying to find solutions of how can we boost the number of applicants that the city of Sioux City receives for these job applications. These job openings still remain open, so we’re trying to reach out to see if that would help boost the number of applicants we’re receiving,”said Moore. 

Moore says the employee residency requirements ordinance is up for discussion again next week.