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A big milestone for the project on Wednesday crews are pouring concrete for the bridge decking.

NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D. (KCAU) – It’s been about four months since work on the Military Road bridge started. A big milestone for the project on Wednesday as crews poured concrete for the bridge decking.

Military Road bridge is located on what used to be a busy road connecting Sioux City street traffic to North Sioux City. This summer, business owners say it’s been ghost town from the construction closure but Wednesday’s progress is a sign of hope for many.

“Everybody is struggling. It’s been a hard road. I mean, you hear rumors and stuff, but I don’t know if anybody is closing or not,” said Luken.

Kimberly Luken is the owner of Beano and Sherry’s on the North Sioux City side of Military Road. She says over the many months since Military Road construction started, her business has seen a 25% decrease in sales. Despite this, she is looking to the future.

“It’s so much easier going around having an actual facebook page that is keeping us up to date rather than relying on of rumors and what people say,” said Luken.

Project leaders have started a Facebook page to share progress with locals which has been reassuring people like Luken that construction will be done in September.

“Oftentimes, with construction, the removal of the old things takes a lot longer than putting in the new things. And so now that we are finally starting to see something happen, people should be happier about it, I hope,” said Ted Cherry the North Sioux City City administrator.

Crews began pouring concrete on the bridge Wednesday and plan on completing the concrete base Wednesday afternoon. The new date of completion is September 28. Road construction on the Sioux City side may take a bit longer.

“I’m about a month away so we are happy to get that bridge open and back being used for transportation uses,” said Cherry.

Luken says she is looking forward to the day the bridge is complete and plans on celebrating.

“When it reopens, I’m planning on doing some sort of like promotion or party or some sort,” said Luken.

The construction crew still has incentives to get the bridge done in time.

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