OKOBOJI, Iowa (KCAU) — 14 separate divisions of snowmobile riders competed on Saturday. Some to take home medals, others looking to win up to $50,000 in prize money.

For the second consecutive year, East Okoboji Lake played host to the Cor Powersports Pro National Racing series. Nearly every age level was represented from ten year old juniors to the 50 years old and over group, known as the Masters. Professional snowmobile rider, Craig Ritzinger, took home first place in the Pro Factory Vet 40+ Race and shared his thoughts on what the Lake Lemans style course had to offer.

“There’s a lot of turns and a lot of speed and the longest straightway is three quarters of a mile and we’re seeing speeds up over 100mph, the mods out there probably 110, 115. It’s a really great course. Like I said, really tight and technical and I had a good time,” said Ritzinger.

While juniors race for trophies, the pros race for much more with 95% of their entry fee going towards the payout purse.

Racers received sponsorship from the snowmobile manufacturers like Arctic Cat and Polaris, but tour director Todd Myers said the results will also be used for research and development.

“We also have a lot of engineers that work for the manufacturers that race with us so they’re using us as a test to help the consumer with the production sled,” said Myers.

Myers said the more than 500 people associated with the tour are welcomed with open arms each year by Parks Marina and the communities around the lake.

“There’s a lot of thank you and support from the community just because in a time of year that’s usually slow, seen as this is a summer tourist area, this brings in something in the winter besides the winter games to actually help booster the economy,” said Myers.

The Cor Powersports tour will move on to Park Rapids, Minnesota next week for the Heartland 200 where racers will compete on a course 120 miles long.