Presidential candidates spend billions of dollars on advertising

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — February 3 is the day voters across Iowa will come together at hundreds of caucus sites. Until that day arrives, presidential candidates are pushing to get their voices heard.

Some estimates show more than $45 million dollars in political ad buys are already on the books in Iowa.

Politcal observers indicate a last-minute tidal wave of money will hit airwaves before voters finally attend a caucus, but the impact those ads will have on a voter’s final decision might be deceiving.

Hallie Stevenson, a college student, explained how she’s been receiving campaign ads over the past few months.

“I sometimes see them on television, otherwise if a professor shows a clip off of YouTube, I see them on there. Outside of that, I watch Netflix and Hulu so I don’t see them a lot,” said Stevenson.

Advertising analytics projects a 57 percent growth in political spending from 2018 to 2020 with the biggest contributors on digital platforms like Facebook and Google.

It’s a place streamers like Cameron Williams spends most of his time, but he believes the money spent of those ads isn’t working because of the message being delivered.

“I don’t think they’re doing it efficiently. It’s more of a popularity vote right now. They’re kind of just throwing one another under the bus and not saying what they’re going to do,” said Williams.

Stevenson has similar views and prefers the traditional grass roots advertising that creates personal connection for her.

“I feel like it’ll be better up close and door -to-door. We’ve had campaigns come on campus before so I feel like that’s the best way,” said Stevenson.

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