Prepare for icy driving conditions

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All of this rain could lead to dangerous driving conditions around Siouxland. Roads and bridges are expected to freeze overnight. 

Iowa State Trooper John Farley told KCAU 9  a few things to prepare for with winter conditions. 

He recommends making sure your windshield wipers are in good condition and switching to snow tires to make sure your car is prepared for potentially slippery roads.

Most importantly, he recommends slowing down. No matter what kind of car you’re driving, icy roads can lead to a wreck.

“When it comes to ice, it doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you’re driving. A car, pickup, or SUV, ice will make everybody equal and the dangers that it presents are unique. The first thing that we always have to recommend is that you slow down,” Farley said. 

Other things to keep in mind is maintaining a good distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. For emergency vehicles, maintain an even longer distance, as those vehicles tend to make stops frequently. Customize your driving according to the type of road you’re driving on.

If you’re driving on a bridge, reduce your speed, as bridges tend to be more dangerous for drivers. Also, make sure you keep your headlights on for better vision and to alert other cars around.  

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