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Pop up fireworks stands see heavy traffic around Independence Day

Local fireworks sales hit high levels this week

SIOUX CITY, Iowa - A lot of money changed hands over the past few days. Much of it was spent at pop up fireworks stands, which are often found in the parking lots of grocery stores or on the side of the road.

These stands started popping-up around Siouxland a few weeks ago but it wasn't until recently that they started doing some serious business. Many stands stated that sales didn't really get going until July 3rd, and then took off on the Fourth.

"On average yesterday we served about 500 people and totaled about 21 thousand [on the Fourth]," said Bellino Fireworks employee Bionka Quesada. "Most people bought about 40 to 50 dollars worth of stuff ."

Troy Anderson, an employee at Iowa Fireworks Company, said that over the two day period they sold over $20,000 worth of their explosive product.

"We did really good this year we had a lot of people come in and buy a lot of big stuff," said Anderson.

One stand we visited managed to pull-in more than 50 thousand dollars in the days leading up to the Fourth. That's considered a job well done and they'll be packing it up soon. 

Since firework usage is once again illegal in Sioux City, most stands are planning to be taken down by the 6th at the latest. Any unsold product will be held onto until it can be sold again for New Year's Eve at he end of the year. 

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