STANTON COUNTY, Neb. (KCAU) — A pursuit that started in northeast Nebraska ended in an arrest in Norfolk Tuesday afternoon.

According to a release, the Stanton County Sheriff’s Office noticed a pickup truck driving recklessly near 8th Street and Veterans Avenue around 2:10 p.m. on Tuesday in Stanton. Officials then saw the truck spinning cookies in a private lot near 10th Street and Veterans Avenue, throwing up large clouds of dirt and dust.

After that, officials claimed the truck headed west on Veterans Drive/Highway 24 at high speeds over 100 mph, prompting a pursuit from the sheriff’s office. The pickup failed to yield to emergency lights and siren and continued traveling west on Highway 24 at high speeds.

The pickup allegedly began to drive on the wrong side of the road, and in response, a second sheriff’s unit joined the pursuit.

The pursuit led into Madison County, and the Norfolk Police Division (NPD) deployed deflation spikes at the intersection of Highway 24 and Highway 275, successfully taking out three tires of the truck.

The vehicle continued traveling north on Highway 35 and bypassed a sheriff’s unit as the tires disintegrated. As the pursuit neared the East Norfolk Avenue roundabout, the vehicle continued north and tried to turn west onto Norfolk Avenue. Officials reported the driver began reaching within the vehicle and making obscene gestures toward officers.

The driver reportedly struck his windshield with a large handheld sledgehammer, then broke out his driver’s side window with the hammer before holding it outside, waving it in the air. As the driver approached East Benjamin Avenue, he accelerated into a left turn onto East Benjamin Avenue driving on the wrong side of the road nearly striking a Norfolk Police unit.

After this, Sheriff Unger directed a Stanton County deputy to use his patrol to perform a Precision Intervention Technique (PIT) maneuver to force the fleeing pickup off the roadway.

The maneuver was successful, and the fleeing pickup was forced into the grass on the northside of a road in front of Northeast Community College (NECC). The driver tried to accelerate his vehicle and move but was pinned by the patrol unit.

Officials said the driver refused to cooperate and follow commands, and after threatening law enforcement, he was tased twice by members of the sheriff’s office and secured in handcuffs.

The driver was identified as Nathaniel Gnewuch, 31, of Norfolk. He was jailed on multiple charges after being medically cleared by Norfolk Fire and Rescue.

Gnewuch was currently out on bond for a flight to avoid charge in Norfolk back in April.

Gnewuch faces charges in both Stanton and Madison County for reckless driving, speeding 100+ mph on Highway 24, willful reckless driving, felony operating a motor vehicle to avoid arrest, and resisting arrest.

The sheriff’s patrol unit involved suffered fairly minor cosmetic damage at the end of the pursuit, but no injuries were reported.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) also assisted in the pursuit.