Police continue to investigate recent shots fired around Sioux City

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)-The Sioux City Police Department is investigating several recent reports of shots being fired many of them happening in residential areas.

Morningside shooting took place two vehicles exchanging gunfire and two reports of the shooting occurred off Gibson street afternoon and evening of the same day.

“Our security cameras are on all the time day and night now and we just try out best and that’s about all we can do,” said Daniel Jump an employee at Sweet Repeats Flea Market.

Employees in the Transit Plaza shopping center are on high alert after shots were fired at a nearby apartment last month and a man with a bullet wound was found running into Bob Roe’s Point After restaurant across from their business.

“Someone came in and asked if someone murders someone at Bob Roe’s or what,” said Jump.

The Sioux City Police Department says they’ve seen an increase in high profile cases involving firearms over the past few months.

“These are occurring in residential areas and these acts are extremely reckless they put the public endanger and anyone that knows anything about firearms safety knows how dangerous absolutely dangerous it is to be using firearms in this manner,” said Sergeant Jeremy McCluer with the Sioux City Police.

So far in 2019, there have been 111 reports of shots fired. That’s right on track with the number of calls the department has received over the past two years.

“Now the problem with a lot of these investigations is that people involved with exchanging gunfire are typically are involved with criminal activities and they don’t normally want to participate in a police investigation,” said McCluer.

That’s why police rely on the public to help with these investigations.
Officer McClure says surveillance video from homes and businesses has helped them identify suspects in several recent shootings.

“We constantly reach out to them when we investigate a crime so we can get these items. So anyone with surveillance we appreciate your cooperation and contributing that to our investigations,” said McCluer.

These recent shootings have many people in Sioux City neighborhoods now keeping a watchful eye out for anything suspicious.

“Weird vehicles and just strange activity, you see it now where you didn’t before,” said Jump.

Many of these shootings that have taken place around Siouxland are still under investigation. The police department wants to remind everyone that if you have any information to please reach out to crime stoppers at (712) 258-8477.

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