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Flood conditions are still widespread around the area today, and this will likely stick around for some areas through the weekend. 

Plenty of areas in western Siouxland are seeing massive amounts of flooding from all of the rain that fell out there this week. ‘

Many roads are still closed, bridges are washed out, and buildings are flood damaged.  

So how did this all happen, and how did it get so bad? Well a combination of factors really came together to hit us very hard this time around. 

We recieved only around 1-3 inches of rain for most of us out there, and that does not usually cause flooding of this magnitude, but other factors came into play here. There was already a few inches of precipitable water that was on the ground in the form of snow.  This ended up melting off with the warm rain that fell.  

So essentially, you add 1-3 inches of rain to about 2-4 inches of water in the form of snow on the ground, and that is much more water than the rivers can handle.  

To make matters worse, with how cold conditions have been in Siouxland over the last month or so, that froze the ground and the ground remained frozen for most of this storm.  Because of that, the soil and grass and foliage could not soak up the water, and it all had to go somewhere.  So where does it go?  

Naturally it flows right to the rivers, creeks and streams, which struggle to handle this much water at once. 

Most of the rivers have already crested or will crest this weekend, so we should start seeing slowly improving conditions by the time we get to early next week for most of us. 

Great news is we have seven days of sunshine ahead of us and warmer temperatures, so that will also slightly help to bring down the floodwaters, but no additional rain in the forecast should allow the rivers to reduce over the next week or so. 

Austin Kopnitsky – Morning Meteorologist, KCAU 9 News

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