SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A historic ballpark in Sioux City got the all-star treatment over the weekend.

After months of work, Hubbard Park Field has returned to some of its former glory with dozens of fans in the stands and players kicking up what the Sioux City Fast Pitch Softball Association considers sacred soil.

The group hopes to bring the park back to prominence with women’s softball and to make more improvements, such as adding lighting and repaving the parking lot.

“It’s got so much history in it,” said Peter Sandman with the Sioux City Fast Pitch Softball Association “It’s like, I got the right people on my board and we’re straightening things out and bringing it basically from the grave back to the heavens.”

For Sandman and his board, it’s more than just history; it’s personal, because not only did many of them watch games at Hubbard Park, they were a part of the action.

“It is that important to me to see people here,” said Sandman, “Our thing was, ‘if you build it, they will come,’ and they’re coming. I tike it very personal, very personal.”

Anyone wishing to catch a game at the historic Hubbard Park Field can visit the park next weekend when they will be hosting games free of charge.