SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — It’s a question asked whenever a person renews their drivers license: Are you an organ donor?

A local family is hoping a new wall plaque hanging at the Sioux City DMV office, that honors their son, leads to more people answering yes to that question.

The family of Jesse Jorgensen, an 18-year-old organ donor who died in 2007, unveiled the plaque Tuesday. It is the 12th plaque the Iowa DOT and Iowa Donor Network have partnered on.

Jesse’s parents spoke with KCAU 9 about what it means for them to see the plaque.

“Well, it’s a beautiful plaque, but also a show of representation of what organ donation can do. It can change the lives of many people, but save the lives of many. So, it’s an opportunity to continue his legacy of donation and to help others,” said the Jorgensens.

The Jorgensen’s son, Jesse, died 12 years ago from injuries suffered in an auto accident in Iowa Falls.