Planting season finally here for some Siouxland farmers

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LE MARS, Iowa (KCAU) – Monday was a beautiful day in mid-May but some Siouxland farmers are still waiting to get out in the field. March floods and continued rain this spring has delayed planting season for many farmers.

Monday’s warmer temperatures and skies full of sunshine are all signs of hope for farmers. One local farmer said his soil is finally getting dry enough to consider planting. 

“We thought for sure we would get a good start around that Easter time frame and there were a couple of days that were nice there we got a little bit of corn in the ground but then after that, it’s really been raining since then,” said Scott Feuerhelm.

That rainfall adding to the already saturated farmland in many parts of Siouxland that were impacted by flooding this March.  

“It’s been stressful. We spend a lot of time driving around trying to put a plan together and then changing it obviously to plan B, plan C, and so on and so forth because it’s been a pretty hectic year to get going,” said Feuerhelm.

Last week’s continued rainfall and cooler temperatures dipping down to below freezing in some areas did little to improve the waterlogged conditions in some fields. The sunshine and warmer weather expected this week have many farmers hopefully they can finally start planting. 

“The weather looks to approve this week. It’s obviously warmed up quite a bit so that’s a good thing as far as getting the corn planted and germinated and get it going hopefully we can avoid this kind of rain that is being predicted towards the end of this week. Should be a good week to get things going,” said Feuerhelm.

While this is a later start than usual, Feuerhelm says he’s hopeful this warming trend will continue long enough to get the rest of his crops planted.

“We are just hoping for a good season, hoping that we get things planted in time and then get some good weather and get some good crops,” said Feuerhelm

Some farmers are taking some other measures to combat this late stage of planting by looking into purchasing more matured seeds that would help shorten their growing season before harvest. 

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