SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — People with the Siouxland Soup Kitchen said the high cost of building materials was too expensive for their dream of a second location to become a reality.

Organizers were hoping to build a second location near the Warming Shelter. Jenni Wood, kitchen manager with the Siouxland Soup Kitchen, said while a second location would have been nice, the staff will continue to serve the community.

“I was kind of bummed out about it, but people know about this location,” said Wood. “They know where to find it and we’re making due with what we have.”

Vice president of the Siouxland Soup Kitchen board, Jeff Zyzda, said the cost to build a new building was nearly double what the board had expected.

“As of right now, for the amount of money that we would have to ask from the community and try to raise, that money can be better spent serving the people that we serve who are needy,” said Zyzda.

But he said the money that was set aside for a new building will still be used to improve the Soup Kitchen.

“What we’re looking to doing right now is we’re looking at making a small addition onto our dining area,” said Zyzda. “Our numbers have continued to grow since covid and we’re also looking at adding a few amenities for the folks that we serve like a hand washing station and things such as that in addition to the dining space.”

Zyzda said the Siouxland Soup Kitchen is gathering bids for these new projects. He hopes construction on the new amenities can start as early as the upcoming Winter season.