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This March he got the opportunity to perform in New York's Carnegie Hall.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)- James’ talents have taken him many places and just this March he got the opportunity to perform in New York’s Carnegie Hall, a huge honor for an artist his age.

“I really love sharing my music with everyone I think it can liven up anyone’s day,” said 13-year old James Gates.

Gates has been playing the piano since he was 5-years-old, dedicating two to three hours every day to his craft.

“You have to practice to get the end result which is very always very fulfilling,” said Gates.

That practice paying off in an extraordinary way. James earned a spot on the Philadelphia Music Teacher Association Student Recital, held at one of the most prestigious concert venues in New York City.

“Based on the score, I was chosen if I could play at Carnegie Hall so then I was put in the recital for the Carnegie Hall and it was a really fun experience,” said Gates.

Playing for a crowd of hundreds of people, the ones that meant the most were still the two people that have been supporting him since the beginning.

“It’s a great feeling to know all the time he has spent practicing working hard he finally gets to perform for a huge crowd that is really supportive of him. We feel very grateful and appreciative that he had that opportunity,” said Kyle Gates, Jame’s father.

“The acoustics in there were really really good and the piano was really really nice so I really enjoyed it a lot,” said Gates.

From playing on stage in the Big Apple to a church in his small town, Gates gives his all into every performance.

“When I played at Carnegie Hall it was a really great experience and I kinda treat it the same way that I’m playing here today,” said Gates.

“The music is playing through the piano and is expressing throughout everyone so everyone can feel it’s like an energy,” said Gates.

If Gates wasn’t already impressive enough, The teen also knows how to speak French, Spanish, Latin, and Chinese but he said music is his favorite language of all.

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