SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Tilt Studio will be debuting after the facility in Sioux City has been in development for more than a year, KCAU 9 got a sneak peek at what Siouxlanders will be walking into upon opening.  

Marketing Director Vicky Peek said the 110,000 square-foot facility encompasses a vast variety of activities and games for all of Siouxland, including but not limited to mini golf and bowling, laser tag, bumper cars, virtual reality, carnival-style arcade games, classic arcade games, and more.  

“A lot of people think that Tilt and the games are just for kids,” said Peek, “It’s not. We have fun for everyone.”  

Siouxlanders will be able to enjoy more than 150 classic and modern interactive video games that cater to all ages, as well as a full selection of prizes. Some games will have prizes, others will give tickets that can be redeemed for prizes. With enough tickets, guests can win high-end prizes such as a Nintendo Switch, an iPad, an Amazon Echo Dot, Ring security devices, and more. Tickets can also be redeemed for toys and plushies.  

“We like to see people win, so a lot of the games are really easy,” said Peek, “Seeing kid’s faces light up when they win is the best.” 

Peek also said that the facilities feature custom art on the walls throughout the facility and custom designs including the Mori’s Galactic Golf section that was designed by Tilt’s owner’s wife.  

Peek noted that Tilt stays dedicated to keeping the facilities clean and sanitary for both employees and guests, so there are several sanitizing stations set up throughout the floor. Including a sanitizing station with each of the four virtual reality interactive games.  Tilt Studios is based in Dallas with 13 facilities located in 9 states across the nation.

Tilt Studio offers event spaces for birthday parties, non-profit “FUNdraisers,” team building, youth or adult gatherings, and even corporate parties.  

“Our guests will never be bored,” said Tilt President Ron Kostelny, “Our team really knows how to entertain and amaze. We throw a great party, and we believe that the region is going to respond very positively. Our part experts will lead you down a path of non-stop smiles. We look forward to creating great family memories.”  

Tilt Studio will be hosting a grand opening on Monday where there will be a Golden Ticket Contest, and thirty winners will receive three hours of unlimited video game play and be entered for the chance to with the Grand Prize. Grand Prize winners will receive not only three hours of unlimited video game play but will also get gameplay for nine of their friends, pizza, and gameplay. Winners must use their entire three hours and arrange the event in advance with the store manager.