Sioux City has dedicated its newest park, and it’s located downtown.

Parks and Recreation officials holding the grand opening ceremony for Pearl Street Park.

It’s located at 620 Pearl Street, and city leaders believe it will nicely compliment the Launchpad Children’s Museum, which sits right across from the park.

Mayor Bob Scott said, “I’ve said we need green spaces in our downtown, especially with people moving here and wanting to live here. And what better place than across the street from the Children’s Museum where families can go to the children’s museum and still come out here and have a lunch or something? It’s a great project.” 

Bob Fitch, with Launchpad, said, “It gives the kids a chance to run around a little bit outside on. Nice days like this and it’s just another great amenity.

The vision to create this downtown park began several years ago.

The city utilized the talents of University of Iowa grad students to design the transformation of a parking lot behind the former KCAU buidling into recreational green space.

It’s hoped the new park will enhance the downtown area by providing a great gathering place for family-friendly activities, food trucks and outdoor concerts.

Parks and Recreation Director Matt Salvatore said, “We have interactive log play features at one corner of the park. We have musical play instruments at another corner of the park, a nice mound in the center of the park with boulders that can be interactive or passive. We have a nice spot for gathering where we’re going to have picnic tables so people can come her to eat their lunch. We have an amphitheater in the background or shade structure where you can have concerts. There’s a series of walkways and paths and plantings throughout the park so it’s just a really nice downtown green space. It got a little something for everybody.”

A memorial plaque was also unveiled at the park in honor of Regina Roth, the co-founder of Beef Products Inc.

She’s responsible for contributing a half-million dollars to the project which was the bulk of the funding for the city’s first downtown park.