Paying more for a cup of Joe? Coffee bean prices on the rise

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The pandemic has caused the price of many everyday goods to rise and coffee is no exception.

“I don’t understand why they would need to increase the prices,” Josh Krysl said.

Nick Toph is the the owner of Stone Bru. He said price fluctuations are not uncommon.

“Coffee is an item on the commodities list for trading,” Toph said. “So, there is a base sea market that coffee is traded on and just like everything on the market, it fluctuates daily.”

However, this most recent increase has been significantly larger than others in the past, and unfortunately, that gets passed on to the customer.

“A lot of the price increase can be related to supply at the country of origin, shipping costs, which if fuel prices go up, shipping goes up and transportation costs all over the country will go up. You just need to be prepared for it,” said Toph.

Toph says he doesn’t see prices dropping unless demand does and will remain high until the supply chain recovers.

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