ONAWA, Iowa (KCAU) — Two months behind the original completion date, a massive street project is raising concerns from business owners in Onawa, Iowa. Now, the project may have hit a new roadblock.

The paving project started in April and was expected to be complete (weather permitting) by early October.

Business owners tell KCAU 9 that they’re concerned that the work will linger into the new year, impacting their businesses even further.

City Council members on Tuesday raised concerns that main street intersections may not be big enough to accommodate large vehicles like farm equipment without doing damage.

“So, we’re going to have to as council to reach out to the state or see what we have to do to post an oversize load and farm equipment detour,” Council Member Cody Kreger said.

“The only thing that was ever brought to our attention as the committee was do you have trees do you have plants what color is it going to be that is it we had no decision making on is it a drive-over curb unfortunately how wide or not wide the road may be. Where the parking is going to be. That absolutely was not in the committee preview,” Onawa Chamber President Curtis Sturgill said.