SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Despite changes to local ordinances, panhandlers continue to cause driver concerns in Sioux City, especially around intersections.

The Sioux City Police Department said that they’re having a tough time enforcing some panhandling rules. This is due to the courts changing some laws and the city has rules to protect the safety of panhandlers.

These rules include limiting which medians people are allowed to stand on.

Sergeant Jeremy McClure said that people around Siouxland are concerned for the safety of panhandlers.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase over the past couple of years and it’s something that a lot of people reach out to us and are concerned about overall, I mean, our panhandlers are just peaceful people begging for some change at the corner,” said McClure.

McClure said there are organizations in the community for panhandlers to reach out to that provide shelter, food, and resources to connect them with housing.