SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Earlier this week more than 50 snakes were confiscated from a Sioux City home and now the owner said he won’t be getting his animals back.

Monday night, a criminal warrant was issued and the snakes were seized from the home of Parker Moos due to the snakes being against a city ordinance.

Moos was out of town at the time when one of his snakes, a non-venomous ball python, escaped to a neighbor’s driveway where it was killed.

Moos said that his snakes will not be returned to him, even outside of city limits but will instead be given to an unnamed animal rescue.

“I also called to try and get ahold of the mayor to try and see if I could talk to him and at least add a bit more understanding and education to the situation. A lot of these laws and policies are based on a fear,” said Moos.

Moos plans to attend a city council meeting to make an effort to reverse the city’s ordinance.

Moos has an ongoing petition to gain support for his cause, you can find that petition here.