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Owner of Rottweiler that killed smaller dog speaks out

Alexus Ballantyne says she saw no signs of aggression from her dog

SIOUX CITY, Iowa - Alexus Ballantyne was having a good day at the park with her two dogs, Charlie and Diamond, and her friend's dog, Karma. All three are Rottweiler mixes. Ballantyne says the dogs were playing with the other dogs at Bacon Creek, including a nine year old Shih Tzu named Bella, when Diamond attacked the smaller dog without warning.

"Out of nowhere, my one dog just picked her up. And I heard screaming and I ran over there as fast as I could," Ballantyne said.

Ballantyne says her dog showed no signs of aggression before the incident and that the bite just came out of nowhere. Ballantyne called animal control herself and wondered what would happen next. After a few weeks, animal control came to her door.

"They came to pick up Diamond and Charlie, and I was really confused as to why they wanted to pick up Charlie."

Ballantyne says a miscommunication led animal control to think her 10 month old pup Charlie was her friend's dog, who was muzzled nearby during the incident but was not involved at all. She is worried that the fact her dogs are part Rottweiler led to them being labeled "high risk."

"I don't believe in blaming the breed, each dog is just that: a dog," Ballantyne said. "Things happen, they do things, you learn from it, you improve it, you don't let them repeat it."

Ballantyne hopes the city doesn't make any rash decisions at the council meeting on August 6th regarding Rottweilers. She also hopes in the future Bacon Creek Park does a better job of separating large and small dogs to prevent another incident like the one her dog was involved in.

Ballantyne says now she has to go to court to find out what will happen to her dog Diamond. Sioux City Animal Control was contacted and they said because this was an ongoing investigation that they couldn't comment on the case at this time.

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