SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Around Siouxland, many people go without hearing aids due to high prices.

However, many residents said the ruling will make their hearing troubles easier to deal with and pharmacists agree. 

“I think the over the counter hearing aids is a good idea, it’ll provide greater access to people with hearing difficulties, but it is just for people with moderate hearing loss,” said Bill Drilling of Drilling Morningside Pharmacy.

The average price of hearing aids is between $2,000 and $8,000, with or without a prescription. Until the new ruling, the added expense of a doctor’s visit was also a necessity. 

The CEO of the Sunrise Retirement Community, Samantha Roth, said many residents are without hearing aids, leaving some folks out of conversations. 

“We have a lot of residents that are a little hard of hearing or that have experienced some mild to moderate hearing loss. That would definitely benefit from the ability to have hearing aid, but maybe don’t have the financial means or don’t have a severe enough hearing loss to warrant going to the doctor and getting the full prescription,” said Roth.

Audiologists around Siouxland said they are happy to see more people being able to get hearing aids. However, some worry about the negative side-effects that selling over the counter hearing aids could have. 

“I worry a little bit about self diagnosis. you’re going in with a preconceived idea of what your hearing is like. Well unless you actually have a hearing test, you won’t know what it is,” said Dr. Michael Sloniker, an audiologist for Siouxland Hearing Healthcare.

Dr. Sloniker said before anyone purchases hearing aids, it’s important to get their hearing checked.

“If somebody comes and gets a hearing test, we’re looking at is it conductive hearing loss which might be: wax in the ears, might be fluid in the ears, might be something that they call otosclerosis where there is possible surgery,” said Dr. Sloniker.

Some retirement home residents said that hearing aids will be easier to get. They still feel it’s better to get your hearing checked and make sure you’re using the right equipment.