Over 100 free food boxes given away

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HORNICK, Iowa (KCAU) – Over 75 vehicles made a stop at the Hornick Town Hall Thursday, where each received a box filled to the brim with fresh produce, meat and eggs for free.

“You walked around and had a box, and anybody could pick up each box, and they brought them out here and set them on the curb,” Mayor Scott Mitchell of Hornick said.

The Westwood Food Pantry teamed up with the Westwood Ministerial Association and the Food Bank of Siouxland. Together, they donated enough food to fill 120 boxes–all handed over to folks in the Westwood Community.

“We live just far enough outside the city that a lot of the city programs don’t qualify for us,” Pastor Catie Newman said.

Pastor Newman, one of the event organizers, says the drive-through giveaway wouldn’t have been possible without the help of volunteers of all ages–each embracing what community is all about.

“We’ve got folks from the school, we’ve got folks from the sheriff’s department, we got residents of Hornick and Sloan and Salix–we have a whole cross-section of folks. Anybody that wanted to volunteer, we welcomed,” Pastor Newman said.

Members from different communities volunteered together in a community that’s seen much hardship in recent years. Long before COVID-19 showed its face, flood waters washed over this community in March 2019.

“Hornick’s become a real tight community after a year ago, so it’s something–the community keeps going on, and it’s pretty amazing what we do,” Mayor Mitchell said.

Pastor Newman says asking for help isn’t always easy to do, making this event even more important for the Westwood Food Pantry.

“It’s hard to call, even when you need help, it’s hard to call and ask. It’s just a way we can help our brothers and sisters in this tying time. Feeding our kids is important,” Pastor Newman said.

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