SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Wednesday’s brutal cold may have deterred some Siouxlanders from outdoor activities, but one business decided it was the perfect night to give back.

Oto Pub & Grub thanked customers by inviting them to Cone Park for their first-ever Freezing in the Snow party.

Many came all bundled up to hit the slopes, and while there may have been a chill in the air, that wasn’t stopping folks from having a good time.

“So it’s really exciting to be here and bring the family out and keep everyone involved,” said customer Nicky Christopherson.

“We just really want to thank the people that come out to Oto Pub & Grub cause without that support we wouldn’t be able to do stuff like this. So thank you to all of you for making this stuff happen,” said owners Teri and Matt Lunnon.

Matt and Teri said that they hope this becomes an annual event for years to come.