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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Saturday in the Park organizers have spent months preparing for the concert, and it’s all coming together as the big day approaches.

“Fencing went in yesterday and today, our preliminary stage build, the base layer that we do of the stage happened this week,” Dave Bernstein said.

With just a week away, organizers are rushing to wrap up their finishing touches for this year’s Saturday in the Park.

“A lot of the physical site stuff, that’s going to be some scrambling, we also moved to the other side of the park, which presents a whole different set of challenges,” artist and stage hand Jason Reinert said.

Since the water towers are under construction, new obstacles have been thrown at organizers, forcing them to think quick on their feet.

“We fenced off the entire park in part that’s because we’re going to convert the entire park to, instead of having a segregated beer garden, like we’ve had in the past, we’re going to have to do beer service within the whole park, we’re going to carve that out and separate a family friendly area, where the kid zone normally is and then adjacent, there will be an alcohol-free zone, so we still have that family friendly environment,” said Bernstein.

Another big change with this year’s event is the concert will now be two nights instead of one.

“So Friday and Saturday, which is huge for us. The Abe stage is going to the other side of the park, which will be another interesting and awesome adjustment for us as well,” said Bernstein.

Reinert is not only planning to preform during Saturday in the Park, but he’s also working behind the scenes booking talent for the Abe Stage.

He said the preparation is stressful but said after the event is a different feeling.

“The day of, I’m like, why did I do this and then the day after I’m like, that’s exactly why, it’s always worth it,” said Reinert.

“It’s kind of nice to be able to stand back and be able to see people enjoying all the hard work put in by everyone involved. I enjoy the work and I enjoy the show so,” stage hand Chad Peterson said.

“There’s a lot of pressure in doing this right, and we’re really lucky to be back,” Bernstein said.

Masks are not required for either day but folks are asked to be respectful of the choices of others.

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